Singer Songwriter Kohli Calhoun Takes Rockwood Music Hall

Kohli Calhoun of Brooklyn, NY puts on an enticing and impassioned performance Wednesday evening at Rockwood Stage 1. Originally from Ohio, Calhoun has been playing the ukelele for 7 years, and began faithfully performing around New York in the last year.

“I’ve been a singer my whole life” says Calhoun. “And then about 7 or 8 years ago I saw a friend just lazily plunking around on a ukulele and I sorta thought, only 4 strings, hey I can do that.”

Ever since, Calhoun has been writing music both intimate and universal with lyrics formed from her personal life experiences. The product is captivating and honest music, where a story is told within the songs. The music’s sounds contain elements of indie, rock, and jazz, yielding a fresh and unique performance.

In photo: Sam Favata on guitar, Kohli Calhoun on ukulele, Jason Smith on bass, and Morgan Karabel on drums. 

Calhoun shares she’s in a “brick by brick mentality” for her music’s growth, granting her career an authentic and gradual trajectory. Calhoun put out an EP in 2010 titled “Friendly Camp Sessions” and is currently working on releasing a debut album this summer.

Calhoun’s music has also been featured on This Is Not The Radio‘s program where she recorded a solo acoustic version of her song “Take Me Away” to her promote the program’s show back in January. Watch the video below:

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