Long Island Poets Gather to Celebrate the Beats

This Wednesday, April 13th, local poets met at Valley Stream’s coffee shop, Sip This , to have a reading of the post-1950’s Beat Poets. Pieces from Charles Bukowski, William S. BurroughsAmiri Baraka, and more were shared in the group to honor the poetry movement.

Peter Dugan, who orchestrated this event, is an active member of the Performing Poets Association (PPA), which is lead by the Long Island Poet Laureate Lorraine LoFrese Conlin. Dugan is a published poet and performer, who has dedicated his time to organizing events allowing the local poetry community to meet together and grow.

Other poets included Suffolk County Poet Laureate George Wallace, Nassau County Community College Professor and published writer Christina Farone, poet and Hofstra University Alumni Vicki Iorio, poet Lloyd Abrams, and Brooklyn poet Ptr Kozlowski.

Enjoy footage blow from this recent event of poets honoring The Beats


To learn more about events organized by PPA, visit their Facebook page for a calendar of events, updated monthly.



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